Who is Dobby the Duck?

Dobby the Duck is a Silver Appleyard drake.
His human is pretty sure he was hatched at Boondocker's Farm on or around May 20, 2014.

Dobby and two other ducklings, Herman and Ducky Barnes, were given to their human by a family that had ordered a large number of ducklings. All of those other ducklings are now in a freezer. Dobby's human has promised him a life of luxury, or at least a life of food, protection from predators, and puddles to play in.

Silver Appleyard Ducks are listed on The Livestock Conservancy's Heritage Breeds Critical List. Learn more about Silver Appleyards Here.

Dobby is hoping to raise awareness about Heritage Breeds, 
as well as how awesome ducks are!

Please help keep Dobby and his little flock fed and watered.

A bag of frozen peas $1
A bale of straw $10
A bale of shavings $15
40 pounds of food $20
1/2 a Pond $50
A whole pond $100

Paypal: dobbytheduck@gmail.com


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