Saturday, February 21, 2015

We Have Duck Eggs!

Today I lifted up the top of the duck house to do some cleaning and found this!

We only have two female ducks, and the smallest of the eggs is rather dirty, so I'm guessing these were either laid by one of the girls over a few days, or both girls, but the small egg was the first one laid and it has been there for a day or two. 

My duck house is not great when it comes to cleaning or duck egg gathering. The top part that comes off is an entire piece of plywood. It's wet and it's heavy, even though it is covered with a tarp. I don't lift it up every day, and looking in from the front it's hard to see into the nesting area I made to one side. 

The smallest one is more the size of a chicken egg. 
Poultry often lay a smaller "practice egg" when they are just getting started. 
It's likely that's the case here. 

And now I face the classic duck egg dilemma, they don't fit in a standard egg carton.  

Now I have to decide what to bake first! 

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