Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Temperatures are dropping

We are about to have our coldest weather of the season. That means making sure the ducks have water available at all times becomes a much bigger challenge.

I also make sure other creatures are cared for as well. I made a wool cozy from an old sweater sleeve for the hummingbird feeder. I'll bring the feeder in at night so it doesn't freeze, the cozy will help during the daytime hours. 

And being kind hearted, we provide shelter on our front porch for the neighbor's outdoor cat.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Drizzle Takes a Nap

Drizzle is big on napping. I haven't had ducks before so I'm curious to know if some ducks naturally nap more than others, or if there might be some developmental or environmental reason for this. 

Drizzle came from a duck farm as a young adult. The other three ducks arrived at our house at two weeks of age and lived a luxurious life of baths in the bathtub, lots of fresh food and water, and cozy indoor temperatures until they were almost six weeks old. 

The other three will be busy foraging and Drizzle will tuck in for a quick nap nearby. 

What ever the reason, it's adorable.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

What I Take Pictures of at the Zoo

My family went to the zoo for their annual holiday Zoolights. 
I took pictures of an alligator, an iguana, pretty lights, and my family. 
But, most of the pictures were of birds and ducks. 

This little flock of ducks came out to the water when I showed up and headed back to the bushes as I left, my daughter says it's proof I'm the Duck Whisperer. ;) 

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Girls

This weeks I saw Drizzle and Herman in the "pond" at the same time. Herman wasn't at all happy about sharing her boys when Drizzle first arrived, so it's nice to see them interacting without any aggression. Drizzle still tends to wait until the other ducks have had their morning bath before she gets into the pond. However, I have seen all four ducks in at the same time upon occasion. Four large ducks barely fit!  I'm hoping to get the ducks a bigger pond by next spring, if not sooner.